Fantastic Florida
A Coastline Picture Guide    
This book will convince the reader how wonderful a visit to Florida would be. Fantastic Florida covers the entire peninsula from Miami to Amelia Island, Naples to Pensacola and more. Fishing, swimming, sunbathing, dining, is all part of this book in the land of sunshine. Just picture yourself and your family right there in this gorgeous setting, beautifully photographed by the author Andrew J Boyd. Hideaway locations, soft white powder sand beaches that stretch for miles, beckon the reader to come kick-off your shoes and relax in the warm Florida sun. Fantastic Florida identifies all the wonderful locations with a map taking you completely around the peninsula – imagine a vacation taking in each location. So pack your bags, what a trip, what fun you’ll have!

​​A Noble Assignment  
This book briefly covers the photographic experiences of the author Andrew J Boyd from his beginning career in Cleveland to his digital work of today. Helpful tips, some technical advice all blended with actual hands on approach to his work style and assignments photographing women. From the beach to the countryside with “how to” tips for indoor and outdoor portraits challenging the reader to learn about creative approaches and new ideas for the modern photographer.

Photographing Women is intended to guide the novice photographer to do better and the advanced photographer some technical tips that the author has had success with over the years. Added to that in this book are the actual images by the author that can be used by the reader to generate new thoughts and approaches and for the average person loving photographic works to enjoy.  At the conclusion Andrew explains why this is truly a noble assignment.

​Country Fare

A simple easy to read home spun book to get away from the busy world. Learn new recipes and all about making your flower garden fun and beautiful.

This book has been reviewed and selected for the International Book Fair of 2016 held in Chicago. 

Country Fare is a wonderful book to receive from a friend as a warm welcome of that friendship. It can be ordered simply by clicking on the cover displayed.

Country WomenBeautiful Thoughts     During the many years the author spent as a professional freelance photographer much of his work concentrated on farms and farm life for magazine articles. Country Women is a complimentary volume dedicated to many of the women who were great helpmates to their husbands and contributed to the overall success of the farm. All of the women are real everyday people associated with farms that the author chose to include in this book.   Chosen also are some of the finest poems ever written woven in among the photographs, making this book a gem to keep forever as a balm for the soul and a treat for the eye that the author Andrew J Boyd has captured and assembled in this wonderful captivating book. Country farms and nearby places are the backdrop for all the photos taken throughout the eastern United States from Michigan, Ohio,New York, Pennsylvania, the Carolina’s and Florida.   Color and Black & White full page photos of country women and poetry on each page turned. A reflection of soothing thoughts and images to keep and share with others through the years.
Beautiful American Women

What a delightful and fascinating book! Guiding the amateur and semi-professional photographer with a very useful day-to-day common sense approach to photographing women. Photographer/author Andrew J Boyd takes the reader by surprise by introducing each of the seven women, telling how they met and what his criteria was in choosing them as a model. But he goes much farther in some of their personal experiences, describing a little of their past, present and future lives. Showing respect and gaining their confidence is easy to see in the wonderful images of each of these very beautiful women. Click on the cover for additional information and purchase.

Pinups & Portraits - a book you will read all the way to the end! Beautiful full page (8.5x11) images on every page. A perfect gift for the amateur in any art form. 

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Beautiful American       Women

       Photo Studies

          of 7 Stunningly

            Beautiful Women

Black & White Photography
Unveiling The Digital Mystery

Once again black and white photographs are popular. The idea of photos taking on the look of yesteryear is becoming increasingly more interesting. So much so that the everyday snap shooter can now go to the local drugstore and ask for black and white prints and in many instances sepia toned as well. But for the advanced picture taker the idea of all that mystery of taking photos in color and making beautiful black and white enlarged prints for the wall in the home or a photo book on the coffee table - the drugstore just doesn't hack it. This book is intended for just that person. "Black & White" will unveil all that mystery and more. It demonstrates "how to" in layman's terms and the digital world of black and white will be a fun and a delightful creative experience. Click on the cover for additional information and purchase.  

Change your life, read a book.

Digital Color    NEW

Pinups & Portraits

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​​Books By Boyd

Florida Pathways

​A Pictorial Look at the Road Less Traveled
  If you like to travel off the beaten path, if that is exciting to you then this book will lead you to areas in the Sunshine State that you will love. Learn Indian lore in their villages, how they lived during the Indian Wars and how they live today with all their traditions. Finding ranches and farms, tasting the good farm produce, how it’s grown, and picking your own fresh tomatoes, oranges, and strawberries. You can spend a day at a horse ranch learning handling and grooming – rounding up cattle at beef ranch, wow, that’s got to be a fun and exciting vacation. How about history, there are many historical museums to visit throughout Florida. Florida Pathways will give you some ideas and photos to excite you to go there.   Author, Andrew J Boyd has captured the essence of traveling on that road less traveled in Florida with his beautiful photographic work of what you the average person on vacation can see visiting, looking to an exciting time for the entire family exploring, camping, and driving to where there are no crowds, only new discovery. Florida Pathways, a book to keep, a book to display.